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Corporate Training
Consulting Services
Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Aside from in-house training and consultancy services, RCA also offers its service in knowledge processing outsourcing for banks and corporations. This service offers tremendous opportunities for clients to access high quality analytics and at the same time allows them to focus on their core business.

RCA’s KPO service relies on its access to highly qualified, mid-career analysts, most of who holding either CFA or FRM, or both, and have significant experience in their respective areas of expertise. By outsourcing part of your risk management processes to RCA, you may be able to improve the quality
and cost effectiveness of your risk operations.

Credit Risk Management, Pricing and Valuation
We currently offer knowledge-outsourced services in the following areas:
   □ Credit Quality Review of individual transactions and portfolio
   □ Calculation of RWA
   □ Stress Testing of Capital Requirement Under Basel II (Pillar 2)
   □ Pricing of New Loan Facility taking into account of credit risk of the
      issuer as well as the characteristics of the facility
   □ Valuation of Investment portfolio

Risk Audit
Risk Capital Analytics can supplement an institution’s own resources with a high quality risk audit service. We can provide some or all the following:
   □ Help you plan your audits to focus on the areas where your institution is
      running most risk
   □ Provide auditors to carry out entire audits to your standards or we can
      supplement your team with experienced risk auditors
   □ Attend close-out meetings to agree audit points and write audit reports.

Our audits are conducted by auditors who have experience of both risk management and auditing in a banking environment. We have developed our own audit approach for the review of the risk management functions, and we can either apply our approach or the client’s own audit methodology.

Counterparty due diligence and transactional analysis
Banks and other financial institutions need to perform ongoing due diligence on their trading counterparties and determine the risk on complex transactions. Outsourcing this function can be an attractive proposition where the institution:
   □ Does not have sufficient skills to perform this in house and cannot justify
      the cost of hiring full time analysts.
   □ Wishes to improve the quality of its counterparty and transactional
   □ Wishes to reduce costs

RCA has developed its own due diligence policies and credit application formats. Client can choose to adopt these policies, or if clients have established policies and formats of their own RCA can adhere to these standards.


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