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  Program Preview
  Conference Program
  Registration Form
Registration Information
Interested participants may register by filling out the CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM
and submitting to the
Conference Secretariat on or before May 15, 2010. Early bird rates will be offered to those who will register by April 30, 2010.
Event Organizers
The event is being organized by the
Asian Institute of Management (AIM),
in cooperation with the
Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS)

with support from the
Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB).

Research is of vital importance to academia; however, there is sometimes a perception that research done at schools is too esoteric for students and practicing managers. The theme of this conference is for AAPBS schools to showcase research, together with how the outputs of research are directly useful or can be converted into teaching materials, and suggestions of how the research might be used in a course or non-degree program.

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The conference has three objectives:

  • Developmental – to develop faculty resources among AAPBS members by showcasing research that has been done in AAPBS schools
  • Collaborative – to encourage collaborative research among member schools, building on AAPBS as a regional group of educational institutions
  • Expansive – to enlarge the pool of Asia/Pacific research materials that can be used in the classroom, using a network of AAPBS researchers across the region

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Throughout the conference, parallel sessions will be conducted, with published authors from the different AAPBS partner schools presenting research they have conducted and its use in classroom sessions. Topics will be classified along three dimensions: themes, methods, and pedagogy.

  • THEMES – Discipline-based, practice-based, or research on pedagogy.
    What’s hot? Topics such as leadership, CSR, ethics, strategy, finance, marketing,
    online learning, etc.

  • METHODOLOGY for the research – Quantitative (model-building, empirical research, experiments, etc.) or Qualitative (cases, grounded theory, simulations, exercises, etc.)

  • PEDAGOGY – The examples may be suitable for different types of pedagogy, e.g. lecture, interactive cases, games/ simulations, face-to-face vs. online delivery, use of multimedia, etc. These may be in core courses, electives, or non-degree offerings.

AIM has volunteered to be session leader for two themes: Family Corporations (FAMCOR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). NUS might do sessions on the themes of finance or strategy, perhaps showcasing research using quantitative methods or model-building, used in an elective on finance or strategy. KAIST might showcase research on operations management, perhaps using a game, etc.

For example, for the session on FAMCOR by AIM:

  • Theme – family corporations
  • Method – qualitative research
  • Pedagogy – case method

The session leader for FAMCOR (Dr. Francisco Roman) will give a short talk about the book that he has recently written, “Asian Family Corporations: Governance in the 21st Century (a collection of cases and perspectives on FAMCORs), including cases written, generalizations or learning points from the cases, general themes and research questions the focused on, and a suggested syllabus for a short program or elective on FAMCORs.

During the open forum, participants will have the opportunity to discuss parallel cases that they have written or can write, possible alternative or additional research questions, and proposed syllabi for an elective or a non-degree course on family corporations.

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The Conference is a compact, one-and-a-half days event. Participants may refer to the Conference Programme for further details.

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A pool of speakers from AAPBS member schools will showcase research they have done on various themes and using different methodologies. To learn more about the Conference Speakers and Session Leaders, participants may refer to the Speakers’ Profiles.

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Deans and faculty from member schools of the AAPBS, Philippine business schools, and schools with a research focus are expected to participate in the event. Graduate/ doctorate students will also be invited to the event.

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Asian Institute of Management, 123 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City, 1260 Philippines