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RCA works with Chief Financial Officers and other senior finance and risk management executives of corporations and financial institutions in providing an array of capabilities to support effective, customized solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving roles, needs and priorities of the organizations.

Finance and Risk in Financial Institutions
RCA provides financial institutions with custom solutions covering all aspects of risk management, including its application to financial management, such as, but not limited to:
   □ Credit Risk Assessment for banks, non-bank financial institutions,
      corporate, retail and SMEs
   □ Exposure Limits and Management System
   □ Credit policies, standards and management system

Model Validation
Financial institutions need to ensure that models used within their business are independently validated. This applies both to the new models and the ongoing validation or existing models, which need to be routinely calibrated to demonstrate their on-going validity. RCA’s model validation services cover a wide range of model types, including:
   □ Pricing
   □ Market and credit risk for derivatives (Value at Risk and Potential Future
   □ Rating
   □ Basel II: PD, LGD, EAD
   □ Economic Capital
   □ Stress Testing

RCA provides a rigorous methodology for the validation of models. Alternatively, RCA can adhere to clients’ own model validation policies and standards.

Clients may wish to engage RCA on an ongoing basis to act as their validation provider, or on one-off basis to validate specific models.

We can also build models ourselves or evaluate third party vendors of models to meet a client’s requirement.

Corporate Risk
Leading corporations engage RCA to more effectively manage risk across their organizations through an integrated enterprise wide risk management system. By enabling our clients to make risk-adjusted strategy, investment and capital allocation decisions, which ultimately improve performance and optimize value creation. RCA can also provide valuation and restructuring services.

Project Finance Risk
RCA can help banks in performing due diligence, assessing the credit risk of the project and valuing project finance with varied degree of complexity. These projects could be toll road, power generation and distribution, or production of oil, gas and other natural resources.

Performance and Value-based Management
RCA works with companies to improve their performance metrics at the transaction, line of business and corporate levels. From strategic planning to incentive programs, out team helps clients integrate these metrics across their organization for maximum performance.


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