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  Improving the lives of women and girls in local communities and througout the world  
CALENDAR 2008-09
*Events’ dates and venue will be set in due time or may change; notices will be issued accordingly.
2008 June
  • Send payment of SIA dues to SIA not later than July 1. SIA Individual dues is $59.28/ member which include SIA dues ($48.00), SI dues ($6.00), and Founders’ Pennies ($5.28). Pay on time to avoid the club penalty of $100 / club.
  • Install new officers for clubs with one-year term.
  • Finalize schedules of inductions and installations in coordination with SIPR.
  • Start meetings of various Committee Chairpersons and members.
  • Prepare for the SIA 40th Biennial Convention (July 16- 19).
  • Distribute Annual Raffle tickets to members thru District Directors and Club Presidents
2008 July
  • 1st SIPR Board Meeting -July 31, SIPR Headquarters, Mandaluyong City
  • SIA 40th Biennial Convention, July 16-19,  Taiwan International Convention Center
  • New President and Treasurer must submit signature cards to their chosen banks.
  • Send payment of SIPR dues to Headquarters. Individual membership dues is P442/member which consist of Founder’s Pesos (P42), Endowment Fund (P100), Executive Director Fund (P100), and Member’s dues (P200). Club dues is P2,500/club which include (P2,000) and Mandatory conference fee (P500).
  • Finalize plans for the club year
  • Conduct SOLT for new members (all-year round)
  • Plan for Soroptimist Week (August 25-31) activities
  • If clubs failed to remit the SIA dues before end of July, the club must pay the $100 penalty.
  • Charter new clubs and invite new members (all-year round)
  • Order materials for WOA, VRA, MADW, and SIA Celebrating Success! Club may order forms direct to SIA (free of charge)
  • Introduce/continue implementation of programs/projects for club’s adopted barangay
2008 August
  • Soroptimist Week-August 25-31
  • Soroptimist Peace Day - Birthday of Mariquita S. Castelo - August 30
  • If clubs failed to remit the SIA dues before end of August, the club must pay the $150 penalty
  • DDs to coordinate with SIPR on Governor’s itinerary for district meetings
2008 September
  • 5th Biennial Summit on Women Policing - Sept 11-12, Bohol
  • District Meeting - Bulacan North, September 13
  • District Meeting - Western Mindanao, September 19
  • Submit nominees for SIA Federation Director  to the Nominating Committee, Sept.15
  • Ensure all financial obligations are met
  • Finalize preparations for United Nations Day celebration by the Fundraising/Finance/UN  Committees
  • Distribute  WOA, VRA, and MADW application forms
2008 October
  • District Meeting, Northern Mindanao, October 4
  • 1st Raffle Draw, October 10
  • District Meeting, West Central Luzon, October 11
  • District Meeting, Metro Manila Northwest/Metro Manila Northeast, October 14
  • District Meeting, Southern Luzon, October 18
  • United Nations Day celebration
  • Prepare for Soroptimist Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Violence.
  • Start club level application, judging, and deliberation of nominees for WOA and VRA and MADWA
  • Logo Competition - Stop Trafficking- Deadline of Entries, October 31
2008 November
  • District Meeting, Western Visayas, November 8
  • District Meeting, Bulacan South, Novemb er 15
  • District Meeting, Northern Luzon, November 21
  • District Meeting, Metro Manila Southeast/Metro Manila South, November 25
  • District Meeting, Southern Mindanao, November 29
  • Prepare for Human Rights Day celebration  (December 9)
  • Soroptimist Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Violence – November 25
  • 2nd Raffle Draw, Nov. 25
  • Announcement of Winners for Logo Competition, November 30
2008 December
  •  2nd SIPR Board Meeting – Dec. 4-5
  • SIPR Christmas Party and Grand Raffle Draw – Dec. 9
  • Human Rights Day Celebration – December 9
  • Send club donations for SI December 10th President’s Appeal to SIA –December 10
2009 January
  • Send entries on SIA Celebrating Success! to SIA, January 22, 2009
  • Send Call to Conference to the 22nd Mid- Biennial Conference
  • Prepare program for the Officers Training School (OTS)
  • Hold preliminary meeting of Conference Steering Committee
  • Invite Official Visitor from SIA and/or Keynote Speaker
  • District-level judging of WOA, VRA. MADWA nominees
2009 February
  • Finalize preparations for SIPR’s International Women’s Month (March 8) celebration
  • Read and discuss the official Call to Conference. Encourage attendance and send in conference registration fees, club souvenir ads, and names of voting delegates to SIPR
  • Hold the 3rd Soroptimist Cup and Golf Fellowship
  • Hold another Conference Steering Committee Meeting
  • Region-level judging of WOA, VRA and MADW winners
2009 March
  • Submit Region winner  of WOA, VRA, and MADW Award to SIA
  • Submit Program Focus Reports to SIA for possible inclusion in the annual Federation program report – March 1  
  • Hold Recognition Program for Making A Difference for Women Award winners (club/district level) in observation of International Women’s Day
  • Plan the installation of new officers in June for clubs with one year term
  • Submit proposals to SIA on Soroptimist Club Grants for Women & Girls
  • Accomplish and finalize Governor’s Awards Entry Forms in coordination with DDs
  • Pre-registration of delegates to the 22nd Mid-Biennial Conference -
  • Submit club ads (list of officers and club activity photos) for souvenir program of 22nd Mid-Biennial Conference.

2009 April
  • Submit Governor’s Awards to SIPR – April 5
  • Discuss Resolutions and/or Amendments to Bylaws to be presented during the Conference
  • Finalize itinerary for  Conference’s Official Visitor/Keynote Speaker – notice to steward
  • Hold meetings with Conference host clubs/district. Finalize plans for program of activities, workshops, speakers, tokens, etc.
  • Deliberate on Governor’s Awards and Special Awards – April 10-16
2009 May
  • Pre Conference Dry Run by Conference Hosts and Region Board
  • Officers Training School
  • 22nd Mid-Biennial Conference
  • Post Conference Evaluation Meeting
  • Final SIPR  Board Meeting
2009 June
  • Send payment of SIA & SIPR dues to SIPR not later than July 1st.
  • Submit Club Award to SIA-June 1
  • Install new officers for clubs with one/two-year term
  • Facilitate the smooth turn-over of club materials and documents from outgoing to incoming club officers
  *Events’ dates and venue will be set in due time or may change; notices will be issued accordingly.  

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